Curriculum Vitae

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Data Science | Materials Science | Design


Data Science Consultant | Drizl | Seattle, WA | 2016

  • Designed and built an image-featurization engine and clustering algorithms
  • Built a recommender engine to cluster and suggest artworks based on personal preferences

Data Science Fellow | Galvanize | Seattle, WA | 2016

  • Participated in an intensive 12-week, projects-based course covering state-of-the-art machine learning topics, statistics, Python, SQL, and Big Data tools
  • Implemented many machine learning methods from scratch (linear regression, logistic regression, k-nearest neighbors, decision trees, random forest…)

Chief Design Officer | JumpStartCSR | Seattle, WA | 2015 – 2016

  • Designed and manufactured 3D-printed intelligent insoles and orthotics
  • Built UX/UI prototypes for our web-app and dataviz applications
  • Assisted in the writing of technical documentation for two patents

Technical Editor | EWorldEditing | Eugene, OR | 2014 – 2015

  • Edited the grammar and style of technical papers from foreign researchers for publication in English-speaking scholarly journals

Graduate Student Researcher | U. of WA | Seattle, WA  +  France | 2010 – 2015

  • Collaborated with an international team to develop an integrated experimental/simulation approach to studying multifunctional, porous ceramics using freeze-casting and discrete-element modelling (DEM)
  • Pioneered methods to simultaneously suspend dissimilar ceramic particles in an aqueous environment capable of freeze-casting
  • Published 11 papers (3 first author) with 35+ citations in scientific literature

Biomedical R&D Intern | TDC Medical | Sunnyvale, CA | 2008

  • Assisted in the prototyping of an ultrasonic cardiac catheter

Teaching Experience

High School and Undergraduate Student Mentor
MSE University of Washington

  • Trained three high school and three undergraduates in proper research methods and engineering techniques

Teaching Assistant
MSE University of Washington

  • Instructed students in the theory and procedures used in various engineering techniques
  • Demonstrated proper laboratory notebook maintenance and technical report composition

Pre K – 5th Science Teacher
Mad Science of Los Angeles

  • Ran hour-long after-school science classes for elementary schools in the greater LA area
  • Focused on hands-on learning in a fun environment

Chemistry Tutor
California Polytechnic State University

  • Led sessions of 5 – 15 freshmen-level chemistry students
  • Developed supplemental materials to aid understanding for student’s individual needs


University of Washington | Seattle, WA

  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering | 2015
  • Master’s Materials Science and Engineering | 2013

California Polytechnic State University | San Luis Obispo, CA

  • B.S. Materials Engineering | 2009



Lichtner A, Bordia R, et al., Processing of Hierarchical and Anisotropic LSM-YSZ Ceramics  – Journal of the American Ceramics Society 96 (2013) 2745-2753

Lichtner A, Roussel D, et al., Dispersion, Connectivity and Tortuosity of Hierarchical Porosity Composite SOFC Cathodes Prepared by Freeze-Casting – Journal of the European Ceramics Society 35, 2 (2015) 585-595

Roussel D, Lichtner A, et al., Effective transport properties of 3D multi-component microstructures with interface resistance Computational Materials Science 96 (2015) 277-283

Villanova J, Lichtner A, et al., Multi-scale 3D imaging of absorbing porous materials for solid oxide fuel cells, Journal of Materials Science (2014)

Jauffrés D, Lichtner A, et al., Simulation of the elastic properties of porous ceramics with realistic microstructure, Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 20, 4 (2012)

Jauffrés D, Lichtner A, et al., Simulation of the toughness of partially sintered ceramics with realistic microstructure 60, 12 (2012) 4685-4694

In Preparation

Lichtner A, Roussel D, et al., Effect of macro-pore anisotropy on the mechanical response of hierarchically porous ceramics

Lichtner A, Roussel D, et al., Mechanical behavior of realistic freeze-cast structure built using the discrete element method 

Lichtner A, Roussel D, et al., Sintering anisotropy of directionally frozen porous ceramics by optical dilatometry


Talks and Presentations

  • Forschuzentrum Jülich (August 2014) – Invited Talk
  • Saint-Gobain R&D (June 2014) – Invited Talk
  • ICACC 2014 – Daytona Beach, FL
  • MS&T 2013 – Montreal, QC
  • ICCPS 2013 – Portland OR
  • GRC 2011 – Mount Holyoke, MA (Poster session)
  • MS&T 2012 – Pittsburgh, PA


Galvanize Foundation Diversity Scholarship | 2016

Teaching Assistant of the Year | University of Washington | 2011

Delimitros Fellowship | University of Washington | 2010

Leadership and Involvement

U District Square

  • Advocates for public space and intelligent urban design in the U District of Seattle
  • Successfully researched, applied for and won a grant to build a permanent public parklet

President’s Council of Student Academic Advisors (PCSA)

  • Programming Coordinator – Organized and ran the annual three-day PCSA meeting for 50 international researchers in Montreal, Canada
  • Founded, organized and ran the first ever PCSA sponsored nationwide Ceramics-in-Writing competition

Seatown Sound a Cappella

  • Founding member and musical director

Alpha Sigma Mu (UW and Cal Poly)

  • UW – Graduate Student Advisor
  • Cal Poly – Vice President of local chapter

Engineers without Borders

  • Health Officer – Performed health surveys of residents in Mae Nam Khun, Thailand